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Episode 149: A #DevilsDaily AMA!

With the team continuing their losing ways, we’re going to break free from droning on about the season to do a little AMA, or Ask Me (Us) Anything show. Anything goes… except Devils hockey, as we try to forget just…
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Episode 147 – Trade Deadline Show

With the NHL Trade Deadline set for 3 pm on Wednesday, we’ll be with you from 12:30 – 3:30, breaking down any Devils news as well as touching on some other moves from around the league. Plus, your calls, voicemails…
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Episode 145: Trade Deadline Preview Show

With the trade deadline just a few days away, the Devils will certainly look to be sellers. That being said, it’s now up to Ray Shero and company to maximize the value of each player. Jeff and Dave will preview…
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Episode 140: Middle of Bye Week, Mixed Devils Discussion

While we wait for hockey to return, we discuss anything and everything Devils. The playoff picture, the current roster, prospects and the trade deadline – all of it is on the table. We take all of your questions/topics/ideas as well.