2014-15 Pregame Recommendations For DJ Zubie

For the longest time, the New Jersey Devils used classic and punk rock as the soundtrack for their pregame warmup tunes.  A few years ago, that changed when Dainius Zubrus switched it up to include EDM and pop music.  It certainly makes things a little more modern…something the younger part of the fanbase can relate to.  With that…let’s throw out some ideas for next season’s mix.

This would fit right in with the music DJ Zubie has used since 2011.  He’s used David Guetta’s “Turn Me On” in 2011-12 and used Showtek’s “Booyah” last season.  So why not combine the two?!?  I think this would make better with just a pure instrumental.  Sounding like a chipmunk might be up some people’s alley, but not mine.  The section from about 1:30 to 2:26 sounds perfect.

I hear this song on BPM Radio on XM all the time when I’m in the car driving as of late.  I can’t help but picture the Devils on the ice to this.  Not too in your face, but the beat can definitely get you pumped.  Also, the DJ, Borgeous, is from Florida…an American boy!  I’m sure Andy Greene, Stephen Gionta, Ryan Carter and the others would approve.

This one’s a little different and more club-ish, but there’s a little AC/DC tribute in there with chants of “Oy!  Oy!  Oy!”.  TJR is a Connecticut native.  I wonder if Cory Schneider and Mark Fayne would take him to a Sawx game.  They could sit on top of the monstah and cheer for Nomah.  Start the tune up around 1:45.

Last year, the Devils used “Alive” by Zedd as the song they entered to for pregame warmups.  Let’s keep him in the mix this year, with a little bit older track by him.  I’m somewhat stealing this idea from the Princeton University ice hockey team.  For the last two seasons, this has been the second song in their pregame soundtrack.  Zedd is from Russia.  Maybe if we got him to hang out with Anton Volchenkov, he’ll hate Ilya Kovalchuk like all of us.

(Image credit to Lisa Gansky of Wiki Commons)