Instant Insight: Game Twenty Five – Hurricanes 6, Devils 3

Jiri Tlusty had another big game against NJ on Saturday.  (Benjamin Reed/Wikimedia Commons)

Jiri Tlusty had another big game against NJ on Saturday. (Benjamin Reed/Wikimedia Commons)

By Jeff O’Connor

What Happened: The New Jersey Devils could not build off their win on Thursday night as they were rocked by the Carolina Hurricanes 6-3 in Raleigh on Saturday night.

Star of the game:  Alexander Semin and Jiri Tlusty both recorded three points in the victory.  Semin scored the first goal and the party never stopped for the Hurricanes as they dominated the Devils for a second straight matchup.

Goat of the game: Pick whoever you’d like besides Ilya Kovalchuk and maybe a few others.  To get smoked like this after the first win in what felt like forever, they turned in this horrifying performance, setting up a really important game tonight.

Turning Point: Need a team to score your first NHL goal against?  Call the New Jersey Devils!  My goodness.  It seems like they do this all the time.  Chris Terry’s goal made it a 4-1 game in the second period.  The Devils just let the puck float and flutter through the slot.  It goes through everyone and Terry stuffs it home.  Typical lately.


Offense:  B-minus – Dave Turner mentioned in the Pregame Primer that Kovalchuk needed to have a big game.  He did.  Unfortunately, no one else did.

Defense: F – What more needs to be said?  They all look like lost out there.  This is John MacLean-era bad defense, when Henrik Tallinder was quoted as saying, “Nobody knew what they were doing”.  That’s what this feels like.

Goaltending: F – Enough of Hedberg.  Why is he getting five starts in seven days?  Martin Brodeur would never be asked to play five times in seven days.  So why is Hedberg so special?  Would it really be that radical of an idea to start any of the AHL goalies?  It appears that way, apparently.

Special Teams: D –  Another PK goal allowed and a bagel put up by the power play.  Ho hum.  So it goes…

Instant Insight: This team is going to get Pete DeBoer fired and it’s unbelievable.  I have questioned some of his moves lately, more specifically goaltending.  But he can’t control the defensive breakdowns as well as the lack of offense early on in games.  I honestly can’t believe that this team has played so underwhelming.  Struggle?  Sure, that could happen to any team.  But where is the heart?  The fight?  The emotion?  There’s enough talent on this team for a few guys to step up and just say, “Nope.  Nuh uh, ain’t happenin'”.  Man, it will be frightening if the Devils lose tonight.