Fan of the Week: Chris Billman

Chris Billman and his Little Devils!

Chris Billman and his Little Devils!

Chris Billman of Bridgewater, NJ is our Fan of the Week.

1. When did you go to your first Devils game and what do you remember?

I went to my first Devils game in 1988.  What I remember the most about the game was that I went with my Uncle Scott, who is the man who introduced me to the New Jersey Devils and we have been going to and watching games together ever since!!!

2. What is your all time favorite Devils moment? 

My all time favorite moment was in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals when legendary Devils defenseman Scott Stevens blasted Slava Kozlov in the middle of the ice then looked over at Dino Ciccarelli on the Red Wings bench and said “YOU’RE NEXT”!”  I still get chills through my spine!!!!!

3. What is the best game you’ve ever attended? 

The best game I ever attended was by far the Devils vs. Islanders game with my friends in 1995,  the last year of the Brendan Byrne Arena, when Tommy Soderstrom jumped into the scrum started by Bill Guerin and goaltender Corey Schwab in his fourth career start skated across the ice to beat the crap out of Soderstrom!!!  The only other time that I have screamed that loud was when the Devils won the Stanley Cup the  season before and I attended the celebration in the parking lot!!!!!

4. Who is your favorite current Devil?

My favorite current Devil is my man, Adam Henrique.  I went to a signing for him last year and he was a really nice guy and actually had a conversation with us.  He later cemented my favoritism when he scored the game winning goal against the Rangers in the Eastern Conference Finals!!!!!!

5. Who is your favorite retired Devil?

Easy, FOREVER our captain of this franchise and now assistant coach, SCOTT STEVENS!!  He was the rock of this team for 14 seasons and we would not have won the 3 Stanley Cups without him!!  He provided leadership, toughness, and stability to this team in his Hall of Fame career! I love the fact that he is now the defense coach behind the bench to teach this group of players the right way to play the game!!

6. Who is your most hated player in the NHL? 

The player that I hate the most is the self proclaimed King across the way; Henrik Lundqvist.  What has Hank done to be crowned the king?  Won some gold medals and a trophy?  How many playoff games/series has he won? Has he ever held a Cup over his head?  He has some good individual numbers but where is he when his team needs him the most?  Oh yeah, watching Henrique put a puck past him last year.  If he is King, then what does that make Martin Brodeur?!?!

7. If you could spend a day with a Devils player, who would it be and why?

Martin Brodeur.  He is a legend in this game, has been around the Devils for a long, long time. He has been through a lot on and off the ice and has got to have a million great stories to tell that I would love to hear about!!!

8. What is your favorite thing about The Rock?

What I love about The Rock is that it is OUR HOME!!  There is Devils memorabilia everywhere. The seats have the Devils logo. The black and red is very visible everywhere. I love that they care about their fans with the Championship Plaza, the Diabolos section, and all the banners!!  They are Jersey’s Team and this is our home!!

9. Devils fans are a tight knit bunch. What do you like best about Devils fans?

What I like about Devils fans are that they LOVE to talk about hockey and our team!!  We are very respectful, insightful, knowledgeable, and passionate about the sport and our team!!!  I am proud to be a Devils fan and wear the black and red!!!

10. When you think Devils hockey, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?