The Devil and Cupid: A Devils Fan’s Guide to Valentine’s Day


Hey everyone! We’ve decided to take an interesting look at the “Hallmark Holiday” more commonly known as Valentine’s Day.

Here is a guide to getting some last minute gifts for the Devils fan in your life, as well as a contingency plan on how to deal with significant others that don’t bleed black and red.

So, your significant other is a Rangers fan. Well, first of all, I feel badly for you, but more importantly, how do you survive?

Lets be honest, if they’re a Rangers fan, you certainly don’t want to get them anything related to our rivals in New York, but if you have to, here’s a great plan.

You could get them this

Yes, that’s the Rangers 1994 Stanley Cup Championship DVD, but the catch is, you can couple it by buying the 2003 Devils Stanley Cup Champions DVD

Let them have their moment from 19 years ago, then watch something from the 21st century.

If you want to take a more sinister approach, you could always get them this Scott Gomez Rangers jersey and just pretend like you had no idea he wasn’t still on the team. You could also go with this Sean Avery Masterpiece.


Or even better, you could just buy yourself an Adam Henrique jersey. That should do just fine.

Okay, but what about if your lover is a Devils fan? Well, you both should be doing just fine. With love for the Devils, your relationship should be perfect! Here are some ways to make it even better.

– You can always find cheap tickets for the game either through the Devils website, or other sites like and you can couple it with a nice meal in Newark. Yes, there are some GREAT Spanish/Portuguese restaurants in the Brick City, such as Fernandes Steakhouse which features a Rodizio, if you’re in to eating amounts of grilled meat that border on insane. Another good choice is Fornos of Spain, which does quite well with Yelp reviews.

– There’s a lot of great Devils gear floating around on different sites as well. Some of my personal favorites are:

This unique shirt from is a gem

Another, slightly more expensive option, is this throwback sweatshirt. Though it’s a bit pricey, I have one that’s very similar and its really comfortable.


You can also go with something that works for every Devils fan, this Championship banner. It’s also an effective way to remind any Rangers/Flyers fans who’s better.


A nice option for that lady in your life is this vintage zip-up hoodie for women.


Perhaps my most favorite Devils-related item i’ve seen this year is the goal light that features the goal horn for all 30 teams in the NHL. Being a hockey nut, I’ve already purchased one of these and I make sure to hit the remote every time the Devils score a goal.

Now, there is one item that you should NOT consider purchasing under any circumstance. These Zubaz pants were ugly in the 90’s and they haven’t improved any since. No… just no, unless you’re really into looking like a Zebra.


There are lots of great ways to spend Valentine’s day for those couples who share a hockey bond together. You can never go wrong with some red roses (stay away from black roses though) and a box of chocolates, but it’s always good to give something that fuels the Devil in all of us.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Here are some fun Devils Valentine’s Day photos to send to that special someone:



Or for a special Ranger fan: