NHL Uniforms Rankings 2013


We’ve always been a fan of debating the various uniforms from around the NHL here at DevilsInsiders.com, so Dave Turner and head graphic designer for DI, Brian Coursen sat down to compile a list.

We ranked the jerseys in five different categories, on a scale of 1-10, using the teams home jersey as our primary basis for our ranking, but we also take into consideration how each team’s white and alternate jerseys look.

1. Color Scheme

2. Overall Uniform Design

3. Logo 

4. Uniqueness 

5. White/Alternates 

(Note: If you want to see the numerical breakdown, scroll down to the spreadsheet at the bottom)

1. Nashville Predators 

Honestly, before their redesign two years ago, they may have been last. The Predators hit it on the head with their current jerseys. While some may feel odd about yellow, the fact is that they immediately carved themselves a unique niche, creating a look that no one even comes close to. The logo looks good and the other elements of the jersey are fantastic. Guitar strings on the numbers, piano keys on the back of the collar and a guitar pick-esque shoulder patch with a slick looking NP make this jersey the winner.


2. Minnesota Wild 

Christmas colors are tough to pull off, but the Wild do it so well. They have deep powerful colors to go along with the look of their logo, which is great within itself. They also got major points for their third jersey, which we believe is the best jersey in the NHL today.

3. Chicago Blackhawks 

This is as classic as they come. They got major points for the great shoulder logo on the jersey as well as the timeless logo on the center of the sweater. The red, coupled with the colors on the logo make this jersey stand out.

4. Carolina Hurricanes 

This is a team that has catered their jersey perfectly to their team name. The logo is great and the unique striping on the bottom of the jersey give it some flair. Though many teams that go with a black-for-black’s-sake fail, the Hurricanes alternate looks sharp. The alternate logo, coupled with the dark gray accents really add to the overall scheme.

5. Vancouver Canucks

They’ve had some pretty horrendous designs in the past, but the deep blue and green combo symbolizes the pacific-northwest well. The logo looks good and they didn’t ruin the simplicity of the design by doing too much with the striping.

6. San Jose Sharks 

When they re-designed their uniforms, they really did well. They changed the color of their teal a bit and added the yellow accents. They also went with a classic uniform design, which is a nice juxtaposition to the new-age color scheme. Their alternate blacks are among the best in the league.


7. Buffalo Sabres 

They’ve had some pretty bad changes in their past, i.e. the red and black era and the buffa-slug, but they’ve done well with these. They took their old-school jersey and freshened it up a bit. There’s a bit too much striping and the gray armpit area is a bit puzzling. Overall, a very solid look.

tie -8. Montreal Canadiens

As classic as classic gets. The Habs sport perhaps the most timeless look in the league. Their stripe behind the jersey is unique. Though this jersey doesn’t wow you in any way, they get good points across the board for their old-school look.

tie -8. Washington Capitals

When you think of teams that have infused old-school with new-school, the Caps did exactly that. They ditched the old dreadful colors they had in the 90’s and went back to the navy/red/white scheme. The updated logo works great. The stripe on the arm is a little cumbersome, though.

10. New York Rangers 

Another timeless classic. The Rangers lettering is something that has been copied time and time again. They also get a lot of points for their whites that sport the unique shoulder stripe and their alternate which is gorgeous.

11. Detroit Red Wings 

Another original six team with a timeless look. They take two colors and give it justice. Their logo is unique and symbolizes the city of Detroit and their auto-industry past as well. The red shoulders look a bit awkward, but the reds are great.

12. Boston Bruins

They’ve updated their look slightly, ditching the full shoulder stripe in 2008. The yellow goes great with the black. It’s a good look, but it doesn’t wow you. Still worthy of being in the top half of the league.


13. New Jersey Devils

They’ve rocked the classic shoulder stripe, mid-arm stripe for a while and it works. Their home reds are great, but the whites are a bit plain. The logo is a bit dated, but really, what else could they do with it?

14. Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers went back to their classic look full time in 2008 with the home jerseys and then 2011 with the road whites. The colors really pop on this uniform, but there’s a bit TOO much orange.

15. St Louis Blues

This jersey is good, but not great. We’re not sure about the two different shades of blue and their vertical stripe is a bit much. They do gain some points for their alternate with the St. Louis Arch crest.

16. Calgary Flames

The striping doesn’t look good, though their logo is solid. The color scheme is okay and it doesn’t wow you. The savings grace is the Alberta flag that they use as a shoulder patch. It add’s a unique flair to their uniform.

17. Philadelphia Flyers

Though their current threads are a big improvement over some of the other jerseys they’ve worn in the past twenty years, they’re not great. The alternate color name patches are awkward. Not a big fan of the large white stripe that goes all the way from the neck to the cuff of the sleeve.

18. Columbus Blue Jackets

The Jackets have tweaked their look over their few years of existence and they’ve come up with something that’s just okay. It’s a bit too blue heavy. They get some points for their alternate, which really should be their home jersey. It has the character and flair that the current home sweater lacks.

19. Winnipeg Jets 

This jersey has potential, but the center logo looks like it should be the shoulder patch, while their alternate “Jets” logo would be better served as the center logo. The color scheme is nice, with the light blue accenting the navy.


20. Toronto Maple Leafs

Yes, it’s a classic look, but it just doesn’t have anything unique to it. The current maple leaf logo doesn’t even hold a candle to the old logo they use in their alternate, which is less boxy. Not to say these are ugly, but they just don’t stand out.

21. Pittsburgh Penguins

When they switched to old-gold, they needed to pick a more vibrant shade. It almost looks like tan. The big obtrusive lower sleeve colors just look big and obnoxious. The logo itself is great though, which got them some points.

22. Phoenix Coyotes

Compares to some of the train-wrecks they had in the 90’s, this is a more conservative look. This jersey is about as neutral as they come. You can’t hate it, but you also can’t love it. Their alternate with the red and gold is sharp.

23. Tampa Bay Lightning

You might as well call them the Toronto Gatorades. Their bolt logo is very plain and they took a team name and possible design that could have so many great possibilities and dumbed it down. Though you can’t hate the design, the lack of uniqueness and similarities to the Maple Leafs land them here.


24. Los Angeles Kings

For a team named “Kings” why did they lose the purple. Considering no one else in the league used purple, it gave the Kings a unique look. Now, it’s just too much black and a logo that looks far too corporate looking. It would serve better as a shoulder patch as well.

25. Colorado Avalanche

This jersey just screams generic. Their striping doesn’t look good at all and the colors are drab. The logo is the best element of this jersey, but the deep maroon/purple and dark teal just look odd.

26. Ottawa Senators 

The colors are okay, but their logo redesign of a few years ago looks like it’s trying to be old-school and new-school at the same time. Theres too much going on in terms of arm coloring.

27. Anaheim Ducks

Though they lost their “classic” Mighty Ducks look when they split from Disney, their current design doesn’t work. The idea of using gold AND orange just doesn’t work. Couple that with the fact that the logo looks awful and it just doesn’t mesh.

28. New York Islanders 

Though they did get an upgrade when they went back to their classic look, theres just nothing that stands out. Their logo needs a re-design (especially when they move to Brooklyn shortly). They lose a lot of points for their HORRENDOUS third black jersey which is far and away the worst jersey in the league. It looks like a roller hockey jersey and they break all kinds of rules by using five colors in that jersey.

29. Dallas Stars

How much plainer can you get? There’s barely any green in the home jersey and all their center logo has is DALLAS. This is awful. There’s no character, no flair and it’s just plain boring.

30. Florida Panthers

Whats with the odd color of red they’re using? The red/navy/yellow combo is pretty bad to begin with and the shoulder-to-cuff stripe looks terrible too. When they re-designed two years ago, they really missed the boat.


Let us know what you think! Did we over or under rate a team’s uniform terribly? Feel free to post in the comments. 


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  1. NJ Devils Militia

    Carolina’s are not that good.

    Devils should be in the Top-10 too.

  2. Burt Reynolds

    The list is very poorly done. The metric is seemingly useless, as with every description you show your own-scientific bias for or against each jersey listed.

    It resembles a list made by a professional but looks like a hockey list made by ESPN.

    1. Burt Reynolds

      *own unscientific

  3. Devils Insiders (Post author)

    Thank you for your input. We looked at it based on different design elements, so a jersey with things such as a color scheme that pops and a shoulder patch that adds something to the jersey were taken into consideration. This wasn’t a list based on what we like the best. When myself and our designer sat down, there were many that he liked based on their overall presentation. Sure, it’s weird seeing the original-six teams down low, but in terms of how they look and not thinking about what team it is at all, we came up with this list.

  4. HipsterDave

    Sick list. Everything was so right. Go Devils!

  5. DaveyRocket

    Disagree with the entire list

    How are Avs so low, and how are Pens not rock bottom with that black+puke color scheme? Seriously?

  6. Steven Wojtowicz

    Interesting you said what else could the Devils do, I was thinking of a way to tweak their jersey’s but still stick to the organizations traditional roots (which is very important to Lou). So, I thought why not take the current color scheme and combined that with the set-up of the original sweaters and I came up with the following: http://i46.tinypic.com/2lmujol.jpg I would love to know what everyone thinks.

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