Jerseys At The Rock: Rangers Suck Edition

This will be a recurring feature throughout the regular season (and hopefully postseason as well).  One of the great things about New Jersey Devils fans is that they get very creative with their jerseys.  Whether it’s a personalized one or an old-school Devils player, NJ fans sport some great threads at the Prudential Center.  Let’s take a look at some of the ones we saw in the last week or so, more specifically ones worn during the win over the New York Rangers.

Marty 30

Since the Devils played the Rangers pretty recently, we feel like this needed its own personal edition.  In an edition like this, we have to include a Martin Brodeur jersey simply because he’s been inside the rivalry ever since it was elevated to the highest tier.  We’ve seen different variations of Brodeur jerseys, but this one is simple and to the point by just using his nickname.  In regards to the crowd chanting his name after a big save, I have to admit, I’ve always been more preferable to “MAR-TIN (clap clap)” as opposed to “MAR-TY (clap clap)”.  Listen, both are great things because it means he’s made a huge save…I just have so many more memories of the Mar-tin chant at the old Continental Airlines Arena.  Watch this save from the 2000 Stanley Cup Finals, then listen at 1:08 until the end.  Chills.

rangers suck 666

Of course, what is a Devils-Rangers game at The Rock without mentioning the phrase, “Rangers Suck”.  Obviously, it’s not an original chant since it was lifted from Rangers fans who still proclaim, “Potvin Sucks”, in reference to former New York Islanders defenseman Denis Potvin.  One of my favorite things I heard a few years back, was a direct response by a Devils fan while at MSG to the “Potvin Sucks” chant.  After they are done with their part, feel free to shout in the air with the same melody, “Potvin’s CUPS”, in reference to the four straight Stanley Cups the Islanders won during the late 70s.  That seems to shut them up pretty good in regards to an incident that happened four decades ago.

Rangers Suck 00

Yes…another one.  If there’s one thing Devils fans like as much as a Devils win, it’s a Rangers loss.  I used to really enjoy the Rangers suck chants when I was younger but I’ve outgrown them for many personal reasons.  The main one?  They’re beneath us.  We’re a better franchise than them, plain and simple.  Three Cups in 30 years speak for themselves.  They’ve had ONE great moment since 1940.  Seriously, enough said.   If I want to prove a point to a Rangers fan, I’ll say exactly that instead of saying that the Rangers suck…that in 72 years of Rangers hockey, all they have is Matteau.  There’s really nothing they can say back to you.

King Henrique

One of the most creative jerseys I’ve seen at The Rock this year.  For those of you not as quick on the draw, that is a slight at “King” Henrik Lundqvist, the goaltender of the New York Rangers, a nickname he earned back in 2006 for his strong play as a rookie.  As you know by now, in last year’s Eastern Conference Finals, Devils forward Adam Henrique (pronounced nearly the same as Lundqvist’s first name) scored an OT goal on Lundqvist in Game Six to send the Devils to the Stanley Cup Finals.  I’ve seen that video and picture of the goal so many times…whether it be in Google images, people’s Facebook cover photos or their header for their Twitter page, not to mention the numerous amounts of memes.  It’s spread like wildfire.  Either way, great play on words, well-thought-out “unique Henrique” (see what we did there) jersey.

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  1. NJ Devils Militia

    I was behind you when you took the King Henrique photo.

    I like the Marty chant a little better than the Martin chant we used to do.
    It’s louder for some reason.

    I still love the Rangers suck chant, but no more than twice a period and at the right time. It should not be done on a power play or pk and def not done when we’re behind on the scoreboard.
    The 2nd half of the chant about the Flyers I do not participate in, it is as classless as you can get.

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