Jerseys At The Rock: Goaltenders & Arena Sections Edition

This will be a recurring feature throughout the regular season (and hopefully postseason as well).  One of the great things about New Jersey Devils fans is that they get very creative with their jerseys.  Whether it’s a personalized one or an old-school Devils player, NJ fans sport some great threads at the Prudential Center.  Let’s take a look at some of the ones we saw during last Thursday’s game against the New York Islanders.


I am honestly surprised I have never seen one of these until now.  A Martin Brodeur No. 1 jersey?  I get the concept…”No. 1 goaltender on the Devils”, “No. 1 goaltender of all time”, etc.  Why do that though?  I guess it certainly makes him stand out from the rest of the several hundred Brodeur jerseys inside The Rock.  Wait!  Now I’ve got it!  It’s a dual Brodeur-Johan Hedberg jersey!!  Brilliant idea…the name placard of Marty and the jersey number of The Moose.  Well played, sir.

9:49 P.M. UPDATE:  OK, the man who owns this jersey is named Chris.  He posted in our comments section: “That’s me in the Brodeur #1 jersey. It was a Utica Devils jersey that’s why it was that number”.

Well, there ya go then.  Much appreciated, Chris.  Thanks for letting us know!


Everybody kn0ws the “Crazies”.  They are a passionate, tight-knit bunch who have been attending Devils games as a group since 1993.  Their main section was 228 at Continental Airlines Arena and you still see many “228 Crazies” jerseys roaming The Rock today.  However, a fair portion migrated to Section 233 when The Rock opened up.  They not only swarm those two sections, they are all over the arena, be it upstairs or downstairs.  Their captain, Ray Torella (pictured above), orders the custom jerseys for The Crazies and they are closing in on jersey No. 200.  Also…quick heads up for those going to the game on Tuesday…be prepared for a new chant they will unveil!


Ok, this section is normally going to be solely Devils jerseys, but we couldn’t resist these beauties right here.  I can say I’ve never seen a Chris Osgood or Marty McInnis jersey.  McInnis actually scored 79 goals in his six seasons out on the Island.  And Osgood was in New York for two seasons, playing in 103 games before he was shipped to St. Louis during the 2002-03 season.  Very good goaltender…maybe not worth the investment for that jersey though.


WOW….T-Bone!  An actual Chris Terreri jersey.  Lest we forget, he got a majority of the starts from 1990-94.  He is currently the goaltending coach of the Devils.  He once mentored Marty when they played; now he’ s doing it as a coach.  Seeing one of those jerseys also makes you realize how much the game has changed.  In his playing days, Terreri was 5’9″ and 170 lbs.  Nowadays, it feels like you have to be 6’2″ (give or take) and 200-some-lbs.

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  1. chris

    that’se mi the brodeur #1 jersey. if u took the time to look at the front of it u would have seen it was a Utica devils jersey thats why it was that number.

  2. Tory

    You missed my Americans Miller jersey the other night. 🙂

  3. NJ Devils Militia

    Was Utica red and green?

    I’d rather you guys keep it to Devils jerseys and forego other ones.

    I saw some good ones last game, a Billington and a Maley.

    1. chris

      wait till u see what jersey ill have on tomorrow

  4. walt

    Utica wore red and green before switching to the red and black. They wore the same red and green as the NJ Christmas jerseys.

    Looking good, Chris!

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