Is It Time For A New Devils Goal Song?

By Ryan Jahnke with Dave Turner and Trevor Jahnke

This might strike a wrong note with some, but the Devils need a new goal song.  For years now, the Devils,(as well the Avalanche, Capitals, Lightning, Panthers, Predators, Red Wings, Sharks, Stars, and several others at some point or another) have followed up their goals with “Rock and Roll Part 2” by Gary Glitter, sometimes referred to as the “Hey Song.” For all those years I’ve been wondering “why?

I have no idea how this shockingly stupid song has survived since 1972.  How has it not died off by now?!  Just because some clown made it track 20 on the first volume of Jock Jams, we’re all stuck sitting through it in every stadium in the country over 40 years later?  That’s just not fair.

Don’t get me wrong; every goal the Devs put in the back of the net is still an incredibly fun experience and no song can dampen that, with the possible exceptions of anything written by Barbara Streisand or Cher.

The current song has become part of the team’s identity, but that’s part of my problem with it.  How can it be part of the Devils identity if it’s not ours?  Even our beloved “YOU SUCK” chant isn’t ours.  The chant was used in Nashville, as well as in Washington, by both the Capitals, Redskins and other college teams.  The point is, it didn’t originate in New Jersey.

Unfortunately, the quality of “Rock and Roll Part 2” is the least of the problems surrounding the song, or its writer, Gary Glitter.  The British glam rocker has gone far past his fair share of issues.  In the late 90’s Gary Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, was convicted on several counts of child pornography charges (BBC News). Yes, he was convicted of child pornography charges!

Gadd fled England and went to Cambodia, where he was tried on suspicion of child sexual abuse (BBC News). Later, he turned up in Vietnam where he was arrested on statutory rape charges in 2006, he would later plead guilty to child sexual abuse (CBS News).

Basically, the idea is that the song is completely un-original and is written by a sex offender. Sorry, but that’s a bad recipe, especially with so many great songs out there. Though it has become a major part of Devils culture over the past few years, “Rock and Roll Part 2” needs to go.

[Note: Thankfully, the version of “Rock and Roll Part 2” that the Devils use does not give royalties to Gary Glitter]

Here at Devil’s Insiders we’ve put together a list of songs that we feel embody what the new goal song should be.  These songs are some of the best representations we could come up with of anthems for the red and black, songs of celebration that provide high-energy, great beats, and even some Jersey pride.  Let’s begin…

My Chemical Romance – “House of Wolves”

– Speaking of Jersey pride, this list kicks off with a group of guys straight out of Jersey City.  My Chemical Romance is a band that could have been on this list several times with their fast-paced rhythms and excellent guitar work, the crowd can definitely build a cheer of their own around “House of Wolves”.  This is what I mean when I talk about energy.

Pantera – “Walk”

– At the opposite end, we have “Walk”.  Where other songs bring speed and hype, Pantera’s work is pure aggression, which fits pretty well in the Rock.  Fans will feel right at home with the song’s slow, simple beats, while the heavy guitar amps the crowd up to 11.

Muse- “Knights of Cydonia”

– As one of the best bands performing now, Muse is another group that could have cluttered our list with candidates, but in this case “Knights of Cydonia” stands atop.  It’s pure rock, while simultaneously stretching the boundaries of the genre.  It has a sound all its own, and would pass that new identity onto the Devils.

Queens of the Stone Age- “No One Knows”

– Between the guitar work of Josh Homme and the epic drumming by Dave Grohl, this song is another a great balance between the heavier and faster songs on this list.  Once that chorus kicks into a frenzy, the crowd finds another gear.

Gaslight Anthem – “45”

– Time for a little more Jersey love with one of the best bands going.  The group’s name tells you what this feels like, it’s an anthem.  “45” by the boys from New Brunswick just brings up images of the best of Jersey.  It’s high energy, without going over to the head banging side like a lot of our other candidates, and actually encourages fans to cheer along with it.  This is a real contender.

Rev Theory – “Hell Yeah”

Between you and me, this is a real office frontrunner.  Between the Evil laugh, the fast guitar work, heavy rhythm section, and downright perfect chorus and bridge, we couldn’t ask for anything better for New Jersey’s team.  The catch?  We weren’t the first to find it.  It was previously used in Buffalo, and is still used in Winnipeg.  Should that really stop us from having what should be ours?  I don’t think so.  But, it’s a factor to consider.

Probot- “Shake Your Blood”

What’s better than one Rock God performing your team’s goal song?  You’re damn right it’s two!  This song was done Dave Grohl and the great Lemmy of Motorhead fame, and everything it promises, it delivers… Rock out! Shake your blood!!

Bruce Springsteen – “Born to Run”

Did you really think that we would go through this entire list without giving you a little something from The Boss?  Shame on you.  This is a song that is already a part of every Devil’s game, hell it’s in the state’s DNA.  We just think that it should be a bigger part.  We all know the words, and love every one of them.  This song is practically the state’s theme song, so let’s make it an integral part of our game. (We were also thinking about “10th Avenue Freeze-Out”, the name is almost too perfect to pass up)

Or it can always be changed to this masterpiece: (kidding)

[So that’s what we’re thinking here Devils fans, but that’s not to say that we’re all on the same page.  A lot of us love Rev Theory, but does it hurt the song’s case that we didn’t get there first?  We’d still be the only team in the East using it, once Winnipeg heads to the West. Some are leaning towards Pantera and Probot, while others feel that we should definitely keep this in the Jersey bloodline.  All of the songs have their supporters and detractors, and there are still plenty of fans out there that aren’t in a hurry to see the song change at all.  You’ve heard from us, now we want to hear from you.  Let us know how you feel in the comments below, or vote in the poll]