Fan of The Week: Jeff Grossman

I live in Marlton, New Jersey and I have been a Devils fan ever since they moved to NJ from Colorado.
Q. When did you go to your first Devils game, what do you remember from it? A. I went to a game during their first season, I remember Chico Resch playing goalie and the fact that the arena was less than half full.

Q. What is your all time favorite Devils moment? 

A. That’s easy, when they won their first Stanley Cup!

Q. What is the best game you’ve ever attended?

A. Last year the Devils let up a goal towards the end of the third period which sent their game with the Ducks into overtime.  The Ducks scored a quick overtime goal and it seemed as if the Devils had lost.  After about 10 seconds, the PA announcer said that the goal was under review.  While the folks in Toronto were reviewing the play, my family and I started chanting “Let them play, let them play” like in the movie The Bad News Bears- Breaking Training.  Before long, it seemed like the entire arena was chanting along with us.  After a few minutes,the PA announcer let everyone know that the goal didn’t count and play resumed.  The game eventually went to a shootout and the Devils won, you would have thought they won the cup, The Rock was electric!

Q. Who is your favorite current Devil?

A. Martin Brodeur

Q. Who is your favorite retired Devil? 

A. Scott Stevens

Q. Who is your most hated player in the NHL?

A. That’s easy, Claude Giroux.  I live deep in the heart of Flyer country and I am sick of hearing about how great this guy is every two seconds.

Q. If you could spend a day with a Devils player, who would it be and why?

A. Martin Brodeur because he has been an integral part of every single cup and is the greatest goalie to ever play the game.  Throughout his career he has always seemed approachable and down to earth, so I’m sure that a day with #30 would be thoroughly enjoyable!

Q. What is your favorite thing about The Rock?  

A. I love the energy in the new building and the fact that we are working together to build a real home ice advantage. As a teacher, I also really appreciate that The Rock partners with my union, NJEA to make tickets available to NJ teachers at a discounted price.  Teachers aren’t always appreciated for the job that they do, but the folks at The Rock definitely show us that we are welcomed and respected members of The Devils family!

Q. Devils fans are a tight knit bunch. What do you like best about Devils fans? 

A. We take great pride in our hockey team and the Garden State.  We are classy, knowledgeable fans who, unlike fans of other teams, know how to interact with opposing fans without taking things too far.

Q. When you think Devils hockey, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

A. The Devils may not get all of the headlines, they may not get all of the accolades, but at the end of the day, they are the most successful hockey franchise in the area and a team that anyone from New Jersey can be proud of!