Fan Of The Week: Candace Rodriguez


(Our fan of the week this week is Candace Rodriguez from Cape May, NJ.)

Q. When did you go to your first Devils game, what do you remember from it?

A. My first Devils game was In 1993 against the Blackhawks at the Meadowlands. It was snowing so bad, but it was a great turnout of Devils fans and the game ended in a tie!

Q. What is your all time favorite Devils moment?

A. My favorite Devils moment without A doubt, was the 2000 playoffs against Flyers and our comeback after being down 3-1 in the series. I Live one hour away from Philly, so 95% of the people down here are Flyers fans so it made that moment even better!

Q. What is the best game you’ve ever attended?

A. The best game I ever attended was during last year’s playoffs, game 4 against the Flyers. The Devils were down in that game, but won in the end.  There was so many Flyers fans there, so we went back and forth with those fans! I lost my Vvoice and couldnt sleep!!!

Q. Who is your favorite current Devil?

A. My favorite current Devil is Stephen Gionta. The reason why I like Gio so much is that he goes all out on the ice. As we all know heiIs not very big, but his size never stops him!!

Q.  Who is your favorite retired Devil? <

A. My Favorite Retired Devil Without A Doubt Is Kenny Daneyko!

Q. Who is your most hated player in the NHL?

A. He may not be in the league anymore, but without a doubt my most hated player would have to be Tie Domi.

Q. If you could spend a day with a Devils player, who would it be and why?

A. The player I would love to spend the day with would have to be Kenny Daneyko. We all know about his alcohol problem, but he handled it with such grace and dignity and is a inspiration!

Q. What is your favorite thing about The Rock?

A. My favorite thing about The Rock is that every seat is a great one compared to the Meadowlands. No matter where you sit, you get a great view.

Q. Devils fans are a tight knit bunch. What do you like best about Devils fans?

A. What I like best about Devils fans is the way everyone loves and supports our team no matter what.  We are very boisterous and we live and die with our team.

Q.  When you think Devils hockey, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

A. When I think of Devils hockey, I think of the Bad News Bears!  We play with big hearts and unlike other NHL teams, we have won Stanley Cups without having tons of big names, it’s always about the team first. We dig deep and never ever give up, that’s why I am and will always be a NEW JERSEY DEVILS FAN!

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  1. NJ Devils Militia

    There really were not that many Flyers fans at Game-4.
    Maybe around her seats, but in the arena, not many at all.
    Under 1k

    Good to see a Devils fan from Cape May though.

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