Podcast: Devils Advocates

In their first installment of DevilsInsiders.com’s Devils Advocates Podcast, DI writers Pat Pickens and Brian Fitzsimmons discuss some of the issues for the team as they get set to drop the puck on the new season.

**We’ll be improving the audio for the next edition, so stay tuned for more!

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  1. Michael Fitzsimmons

    Loved the podcast. Nice hearing positive talk about the Devs out here in Islander country. Totally agree with comments about Kovi having to step up this year…although I see the key to his success is his willingness to rely on his teammates. At Saturday night’s game, he showed at times he wanted to do it all himself. That’s what hurt him in his first seaon with the Devils. Also, Salvador is a good choice for Captain. A veteran…teammates respect him…a solid player…not a hothead. I don’t think Kovi would make a good captain…too much all about himself. Elias had it before, said he liked ( I think) not wearing the “C”. As for the Rangers and the Cup, picture this scenario. Devils- Rangers in the Conf final…game six…2OT…goal by Matteau….DEVILS win. What goes around, comes around.

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