Jerseys At The Rock: The O.J. (Yes, THAT O.J.) Edition

By Jeff O’Connor

This will be a recurring feature throughout the regular season (and hopefully postseason as well).  One of the great things about New Jersey Devils fans is that they get very creative with their jerseys.  Whether it’s a personalized one or an old-school Devils player, NJ fans sport some great threads at the Prudential Center.  Let’s take a look at some of the ones we saw during the home opener against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Classic Devil. Classic-style jersey.

Classic Devil. Classic-style jersey.

Let’s start with an oldie, but a goodie; the classic Christmas-tree jersey of Claude Lemieux.  After a hard stance on not allowing them to be worn, GM Lou Lamoriello approved a yearly display of the red, white and green jerseys (normally around St. Patrick’s Marty’s Day).  Since then, that style of jersey has seen a big upward trend at The Rock.  Of course, Claude only got two wear this style of jersey for two seasons before they switched to the current combo of red, black and white for the 1992-93 season.  Granted, he pumped in 71 goals during those two seasons, as well as eight goals in 14 playoff games.  Just for good measure, here’s my favorite Lemieux goal ever.


Solid.  Any references to hell or actual demons is always a plus in my book.  Now, Lucifer is one of the names associated with “The Devil”, like Satan.  Once upon a time, a smattering of Devils fans were hoping the team would one day acquire former NHL forward Miroslav Satan.  It would have been very interesting to see how many of those jerseys would have sold.  Plus, he has the number “666” on his back which, to me, means two things.  “666” is considered the number of the Devil.  Also, it represents the “666” game against the Toronto Maple Leafs (six shots, Game Six, Leafs sixth loss of playoffs).

Done to pretty much any Devil who leaves in free agency.

Done to pretty much any Devil who leaves in free agency.

I knew I would see AT LEAST one of these at The Rock.  In fact, I mimicked this style of jersey for the first ever game at the Prudential Center back in 2007.  I once had a Scott Gomez jersey.  On that night, I used tape, marker and computer paper to make it a David Clarkson one.  Its path was finally set in stone when I ordered new letters to make it a Bruce Driver.  It really is a shame that Zach Parise won’t be back at The Rock this year.  I’m sure Devils fans would have made many Miami Heat, money, etc. references, to go along with jokes about him and Ryan Suter.  My advice to Devils fans; make it a Kirk Muller, Neal Broten or a Bernie Nicholls jersey.

Yup, this was a thing on Tuesday night.

Yup, this was a thing on Tuesday night.

Um, I’m not sure I can actually put together a coherent paragraph for this one, so here goes.  First of all, maybe this guy’s initials are O.J.  It is clear, however, that 1994 is not his birth year.  Could it be the year his son/daughter was born?  I suppose.  Is the jersey named after his son, O.J.?  Can’t be.  Nowadays, I’m not sure anyone would want to nickname a family member or friend…O.J.  There really is only one explanation for this.  This man clearly is making reference to O.J. Simpson and….well…ya know…that thing that happened in June of 1994.  No more commentary…interpret for yourself…

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  1. NJ Devils Militia

    Great blog!!

    Good stuff, keep up the good work here.

  2. NJ Devils Militia

    And definately not a Bernie Nichols jersey, he disappeared in Games 6 & 7 in 1994 vs the Rags.

  3. Luke

    I made my #9 a Broten. Added a ’95 SCF patch for good measure.

  4. Devils Insiders (Post author)

    Militia – Thanks for the kind words! I hear ya on Nicholls…great goal and celebration though in Game 5!

    Luke – That’s what I’m highly leaning towards doing with my white Parise jersey.

    – Jeff

  5. NJ Devils Militia

    Sea of red tonight again full of Devils jerseys.

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