Fan Of The Week: Andrew Sciametta


Our Fan of the Week is Andrew Sciametta of Green Brook, NJ.

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Q. When did you go to your first Devils game, what do you remember from it?

A. My first Devils game that I can remember was against the Florida Panthers the year after the Devils won their first Stanley Cup. I was 7-years-old at the time, and this was the first time I witnessed a hockey fight in person. Hot-headed Mike Peluso went straight after Radek Dvorak after an unintentional high stick to Randy McKay. It’s one thing to witness a fight on TV, but to feel the energy in person is exhilarating especially as a 7-year-old.

Q. What is your all time favorite Devils moment?

A. I know their are plenty of moments (Stanley Cup wins) that most people would find more worthy of being deemed a favorite moment, however, this one tops the cake for me for the obvious reasons. My all-time favorite Devil moment was in 2006, when the New Jersey Devils swept the New York Rangers in the first round of the playoffs. As a Devils fan there is no better feeling then denying the Rangers from advancing to the next round of the playoffs, because let’s be truthful, the Rangers really don’t make the playoffs that often! The sweep was great, not only did the Devils manhandle the New York Rangers, but it also reinforced “Marty’s Better!”. I still remember the headline of my Dad’s newspaper in the morning “New York Rangers First Playoff Appearance Since ’97 Ends In Sweep By Hudson Rival”.

Q. What is the best game you’ve ever attended?

A. Can’t say that I had the privilege of attending one of the Devils final games during 2000 or 2003, so my best game once again is going to one I attended at the Rock within the past two years. I attended the February 18th Devils vs Rangers game in 2011, and it was a a hell of a game. The game was held to a 0-0 tie until the middle of the second period, in which the streaking Kovy picked up the puck and went head on with Lundqvist, and lit the lamp to give the Devils the lone goal to win the game. Also Moose was the man in net, so the appropriate chants were started “Moose is better!”.

Q. Who is your favorite current Devil?

A. Ilya Kovalchuk. The guy has so much passion and desire to win, it has an effect on everyone.

Q.Who is your favorite retired Devil?

A. Scott Stevens. Hands down. That presence on the ice is irreplaceable.

Q. Who is your most hated player in the NHL?

A. Daniel Carcillo. That guy is the scum of the earth, everything he stands for as a player is detrimental to the guy. His intentions on the ice are bad for the game, he always place as if he has the intent to injure a layer on the opposing team.

Q. If you could spend a day with a Devils player, who would it be and why?

Kovalchuk. Ilya is the face of the franchise, and the future of the organization. It’d be awesome to spend a day with him, getting a feel for his personality, on and off the ice, which will help establish my level of confidence in him to lead the team in the years to come. As I mentioned before, his desire and passion is quite explicit on the ice, and finding out where all that comes from would be a great piece of information to have. In addition, knowing how Kovalchuk handled all of the first year adversity he received from the fans(not me), and the press, has always been a question I’ve wanted answered as a fan. He will be the leader and mentor of many young Devils to come, and it’d be a blast to spend a day with Ilya.

Q.  What is your favorite thing about The Rock?

The best thing about The Rock, is the atmosphere before the game, during, and after. Games at Continental Airlines Arena required ridiculous amounts of parking and walking just to get to the arena. There was nothing to do for fans to interact with one another at Continental Airlines. The Rock is in the center of Newark, and gives you that NJ feel when you are going Devils game. Quite often when I was going to the old arena, it felt as if I was going to a Giants or Jets game, and didn’t really have the “home” arena feel to it. Now that the Devils play at The Rock, there are quite a few local bars that support the squad by opening the bars for fans who are looking to grab a drink before the game. Fans now have a place to interact with each other before and after the game, as well as making opposing team fans feel uncomfortable being in the bar as well as The Rock.

Q. Devils fans are a tight knit bunch. What do you like best about Devils fans?

The question sums up the answer for me. Fans of the NJD are a unified bunch of fans, which I think is a rare occurrence among other NHL squads. You can always tell that a majority of these Devil fans have been die-hard fans since they can remember. You will rarely see “suits” sitting in on games, after their company passed out free complimentary tickets, in which they know little-to-nothing about hockey but insist on being loud/obnoxious (*cough* Ranger fans). You won’t see a Devils fan being thrown out of an arena for being drunk and instigating fights with other viewers. Devil fans represent themselves in a fun and mature way to the league, and that’s what I like best about Devils fans.

Q. When you think Devils hockey, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Small market team that conquers adversity. Over the years, the Devils have been victim of analysts for not being a playoff caliber team, and their peak is behind them. However, the Devils continue to prove all of these analysts wrong in particular Barry Melrose, that they are still a contender for the Stanley Cup every year.


  1. NJ Devils Militia

    Good interview, well done.

    Carcillo, Avery, Rinaldo, all the same type of dirtbag player.
    Hartnell & Upshall are a-holes too.


  2. Devils Insiders (Post author)

    Absolutely. Funny how many of those guys are current/former Flyers.
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