Could Scott Gomez Be A Devil? (Update: 1/17 10:06 am)

By Dave Turner & Jeff O’ConnorScreen Shot 2013-01-16 at 7.33.14 PM

No substantial reports yet, but’s player page for Scott Gomez features him as a member of the New Jersey Devils. (As of 7:39 pm on Wednesday 1/16)

Perhaps it’s just a mishap, or is it a sign of things to come?

We’ll bring you more when this is either debunked or substantiated.

(Update: 9:50 pm) The incorrect image is still up there, but nothing more to report. There is at least one report that suggests that the Devils may be involved, but again, nothing of substance.

(Update: 1/17 10:06 am)  Alright gang, this is getting interesting.  There are now TWO…that’s right, two…Scott Gomez player profiles on ESPN.  His Devils one and his Canadiens one.  His birthday is correct in his Canadiens profile, he’s 10 lbs. less on his Devils one and apparently has two more years experience on his Devils one.  So you take it for what it’s worth (not much)!

Gomez Canadiens

Here’s my take on this: Though the idea of Gomez may make you shudder, due to how bad he’s been during the last few years, it may be worth a shot. I can see it working ONLY because Adam Henrique is out. In a sense, for the week or two that Henrique remains out, bringing in Gomez at the veteran minimum as a “tryout” of sorts before Henrique gets back, could at least be worth a shot, at least from a monetary point of view.

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    they also have is bday wrong too tho its the 23rd

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