Breaking: Tedenby Sent Down (Reaction and Analysis)


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By Dave Turner

It has been a frustrating ride, but it seems like the Mattias Tedenby experiment might be done in New Jersey. For now, at least.

The Swedish winger will be sent down to Albany and no player has yet to be called up.

One option, is AHL leading-scorer Bobby Butler. The issue with him is that many felt he was not quite ready, thus why they risked losing him when he had to clear waivers to be sent down prior to the first game.

Two other attractive options are Joe Whitney, who is second on the team with 24 points, or 24 year-old Finnish winger, Harri Pesonen.

It has been one frustrating roller-coaster with Tedenby. One night he shows discipline, speed and good decision making skills on the puck and the next, he looks lost. I think it really is a mental thing with him. He has the speed and stick-handling ability to be a solid player.

Perhaps he’s just better fit for a team that doesn’t require as much backchecking from their forwards. At this point I could see Tedenby as a throw-in as part of a future trade, but outside of that, his NHL resume doesn’t give him much value.

Resolute/ Wiki Commons

Resolute/ Wiki Commons

The Devils are at a major impasse right now as to the makeup of their roster.

– You would THINK that Adam Henrique may move to left wing with Travis Zajac and Ilya Kovalchuk when he comes back, because right now, because no one has demonstrated that they can hold their own on that line. The question for now is, who is going to play on the top line? I just don’t see anyone on this roster who really fits the bill.  Henrique may be back by this weekend though, so that could help shape things up.

– Breaking up the Zubrus-Elias-Clarkson line would be foolish. Before the game last night, I was really happy to see Dainius Zubrus on that line. Two big bodies who can win pucks in the corners and get to the net, playing with the saavy veteran Patrik Elias, is a great combo.

– What will happen with Stefan Matteau? After Tuesday’s game, the Devils must decide whether to keep Matteau up for the season or send him back down to his junior team. So far, the 18 year-old winger has shown glimpses of solid play, but he hasn’t been anything more than average for the most part. Perhaps the issue is, while Matteau hasn’t been great, are there any other options that the Devils feel more comfortable with? That may play into the decision.

– How about some love for Adam Larsson? The power play has been putrid once again in 5 on 4 situations, and Marek Zidlicky has been underwhelming (to put it nicely). When will Larsson get his chance?

– There is a lot to come in the next few days that will paint a much clearer picture as to what this roster is going to look like the rest of the way.


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