Brand New Benefits For 2013 Season Ticket Holders

Courtesy: FutureNJGov/Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy: FutureNJGov/Wikimedia Commons

By Jeff O’Connor

In an e-mail sent out on Friday afternoon, the New Jersey Devils reached out to their season ticket holders to detail all the new benefits for the 2013 season.  It’s as obvious as can be that most, if not all, of these have been extended as an olive branch to reach out to fans who feel disrespected by the lockout.  I must say, as a season ticket holder myself, they did a pretty nice job with this.  Let’s go over them:

1) A Personally Inscribed Brick In Championship Plaza:  Pretty self explanatory…a nice gesture, getting to have your name in a big gathering spot before Devils games.

2) Extended Opportunity To Purchase Tickets At 50%:  Good for regular seasons games…extension ends on Friday, January 25 at midnight, so hurry up Devils STH!

3) Two Free Tickets To A Game:  The Devils will e-mail you a choice of four games before the home opener.

4) Little Devils Vouchers:  Worded kind kind of funny, as follows:  “four free tickets for kids under 12 to one of six games of your choice”.   So only one game and four free kids tickets?  What if you don’t have a household of four little rascals?  Are the other unused ones wasted?  A question that hopefully will be clarified in the redemption instructions that will be sent to Devils season ticket holders.

5) Devils Den Red Carpet Awards:  20% discount through January 31st for ALL purchases at the Devils Den store.

6) Exclusive Watch Party For Tomorrow Night:  Appetizers, soft drinks and reduced bar prices for season ticket holders as they can hang in the lounges at Prudential Center to watch the season opener against the Islanders.

7) Two Complimentary Tickets For the 2013 NHL Draft:  It’s being held at The Rock this year, so that will be an extremely unique experience for Devils STH.

8) Exclusive Post-Game Skates:  More details to come, but fans will be given the opportunity to skate on the Prudential Center ice right after Devils games.

9) Exclusive Lapel Pin:  It’s designed especially for season ticket holders.  Interesting..

10) Donation To Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund:  Another nice gesture from the organization.

11) Season Ticket Holder Tuesdays:  A special redeemable offer every Tuesday during the season via e-mail.

I honestly was expecting very little from the Devils.  It’s normally not their style to go over-the-top.  Last year was my first as a season ticket holder and the only thing that I really received was to sit downstairs and have access to the lounges.  This was a year after they missed the playoffs too.  Overall, this was pretty well thought out by all the parties who came up with this set of benefits for 2013.

Alright, there is truly nothing left to do at this point in terms of wrapping up the NHL Lockout.  Let’s get the games going so everyone can kick back and relax!